Renewable & Hybrid Power Systems

Mobile phone telecom masts are increasingly being constructed in more remote areas which do not always have ready access to the grid or the grid is unstable. Our Renewable & Hybrid power systems can supply all the power required to provide a reliable service at a low cost, they also have the benefit of reducing the reliance on fossil fuels which can help companies meet their environmental and sustainability commitments.

We specialise in the supply of independent solar and wind power systems, specifically tailored towards telecoms. Each system is custom designed, using local meteo data, to meet the client’s exact specification.

We consistently try to develop sustainable solutions for end-users. An example would be the integration of sea-salt batteries into our storage systems. These batteries are 100% recyclable, retain & utilise 100% of charge and lighter than many alternatives.

We will supply specific solutions based on site data, including; location, meteo data, site energy consumptions, site access and other relevant considerations.