Integrated Information System for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

CARE2x is designed to overcome integration problems in a network of multiple incompatible programs. It can integrate almost any type of service, system, department, clinic, process, data, communication, etc. in a hospital. Its design can also handle non-medical services or functions such as security and maintenance. It is modular and highly scalable.

CARE2x uses a standard SQL database format for storing and retrieving data. The use of a single data format solves the problem of data redundancy. It can be configured to support multiple database configuration to enhance data security and integrity.

The software is web-based. All program modules are processed on the server side. Module updates and extensions do not require changes on the web browser avoiding network interruptions and downtimes. Its design supports multiple server configuration to distribute traffic and improve speed and efficiency.

Care2X offers support for clinical workflow incorporating DRG (diagnosis related groups) as well as scheduling and pharmacy order etc. modules.