Mediasite is the most automated and scalable video platform for every aspect of your video deployment. Capture, edit, share, search and manage videos in one secure place.

Mediasite offers hardware and software video capture and management solutions for live and on-demand streaming to fit the needs of any department, campus, organization and budget.

Mediasite includes engagement and interactivity features that personalize learning experiences and improve retention.

  • Embed quizzes, automatically score them and export the results
  • Interaction between users and instructors with in‑video annotations, discussions and comments

Create and share video on any device.
The Mediasite HTML5 player automatically detects device type, bandwidths and browser versions and will smooth streaming video content accordingly.

Flipped classroom, distance learning, lecture capture, special events, engagement opportunities, ADA compliance.

Millions of students can’t reach the global knowledge and resources that e-Learning can provide. The C3 Micro-Cloud changes all that – anytime, anywhere. The Critical Links C3™ (Classroom Content Cloud) is a self-contained, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that can dramatically simplify the delivery of digitized content to schools. Everywhere. Irrespective of the constraints on internet connectivity and power, availability of technically skilled personnel, school location (urban or rural), or the specific student devices.

3 in 1 solution: interactive board, projection screen and standard whiteboard
Interactive whiteboard with infrared technology designed for multi-touch and multi-user experience.
With high quality ceramic surface, iRed+ is extremely easy to use, providing high resolution, immediate response, as well as full interaction with all existing software on the market.

Interactive multi-touch LCD screen, able to cover all the needs classrooms and offices have for a digital and collaborative environment. Surpassing all questions that concern projection, this is the perfect cost-efficient tool.
The touch interface recognizes your finger, pen and or pointer, guaranteeing a smooth high-resolution experience.

Interactive Table with a 43” screen and detachable legs. Interactive frame with highly accurate infrared multi-touch technology and embedded with latest generation Intel processors offers the ideal interactivity for applications.
For mobility, beyond having detachable legs there’s optional rubber wheels

Ultra Short Throw
Located near the wall, it insures clear projections with no shadows over displayed contents.
There is no need for additional accessories. Either use it on the wall or on a stand with Pi Plate support in a wall or mobile version mount.

Short Throw
Ideal for applications where the distance to the projection is variable.
Short Throw projectors require no need for additional accessories.
Either use it on the wall with a wall mount set for projector or on a stand with an Universal Arm support in a wall or mobile version.